I am not sure what it is worth to others but I know what it is worth to me. But times are that tough in that I have a 8x10 Glossy Photo taken on April 3, 2010 of Mr Hayes holding the World Record Smallmouth mount in his living room. The following week I went back down and he signed the photo. There are not many pictures that I know of with him holding the mount and even less are signed . My health and hospital bills and such has come to the point to where I am selling my fishing stuff and this is my prized possession along with my Winning Billy Westmmoreland Plaque. Pretty much I am not putting a price on the photo. I don't know how to paste a copy of the picture here but if anyone is seriously interested then send me your cell number thru a message here and I will text you a copy of the picture and you can submit your price in what you would give for the photo,