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Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Committee Meetings Set for Aug. 9

Special called Commission meeting to follow

Members of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission will conduct committee meetings and a special called Commission meeting on Friday, Aug. 9 on the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ campus in Frankfort.

The committee meetings start at 8:30 a.m. (Eastern) in the Arnold Mitchell Building at 1 Sportsman’s Lane. The campus entrance is off U.S. 60, approximately 1˝ miles west of U.S. 127. The special called Commission meeting will follow the committee meetings at the same location. Meetings are open for the public.

The agenda for the Administration, Education and Policy Committee includes planned discussions about special commission permits and the department’s budget.

The Public Relations Committee’s agenda includes information items about the application process for elk quota hunts, Kentucky Wild program and the department’s presence at the Kentucky State Fair.

The Fisheries Committee meeting will include discussions about potential changes related to the number of allowable steps and platforms on the department’s 50-foot buffer between private properties and Lake Malone. An information item about the Lake Cumberland tailwater trout fishery also is on the committee’s agenda.

The Wildlife Committee’s agenda includes planned discussions about; hunting and trapping seasons and limits for furbearers; grouse hunting season length; elk hunting seasons, permits, zones and requirements; deer hunting on public lands; and black bear seasons and requirements. The Wildlife Committee also will be updated about an ongoing black bear research project and a recently completed series of public forums to raise awareness about chronic wasting disease (CWD), as well as other efforts related to the fatal brain disease that affects deer, elk, moose and caribou. Chronic wasting disease has not been detected in Kentucky.

Items that pass out of committee meetings will be heard by the full Commission at its next quarterly meeting on Sept. 13 in Frankfort.

At its special called meeting on Aug. 9, the Commission plans to meet in executive session to review potential land acquisition for the Kentucky Wetland and Stream “Fees-In-Lieu-Of” Mitigation Program. If any actions are necessitated by the executive session deliberations, the Commission will meet in open session.

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission is a nine-member board, comprised of volunteers who serve four-year terms after nomination by licensed hunters and anglers, appointed by the governor, and confirmed by the Kentucky senate. The commission recommends hunting, fishing and boating regulations on behalf of the sportsmen and sportswomen of the Commonwealth.

The complete agenda for the committee meetings and special called meeting are available online at

A video replay of the meetings also will be posted online via the “Commission and Committee Meeting Archive” link on the department’s homepage.