Now I have to climb up on the roof and clean the gutters of all the leaves. It's that time of year again when the Maple trees start shedding their leaves. They do it slowly which means that I have to clean the gutters more than one time. In fact I have to clean the gutters multiple times before all the leaves are finally off the trees and on the ground. I use a gas powered leaf blower to blow the leaves out of the gutters.

I got a new Little Giant Ladder Extreme for the house. I didn't realize just how heavy the thing was until it arrived via UPS. It weights about 45 lbs and that is a heavy ladder. I got the 17' one as it was the shortest of the three different one sold. I can't imagine how much the 22 ft one would weigh. They all will handle 300 lbs easily. My other extention ladder was only rated for 200 lbs and it much lighter in weight. I used it a lot. But I wanted the little giant extreme as it has some features that I like. I got a few options with the ladder that helps keep it stable on the roof. One if the Wingspand Wall standoff option that helps keep the ladder off the gutters. The Little Giant Extreme folds up nice and compact and I have a optional wall mount rack for my ladder. So it does not take up much space in the garage. It's easy to unfold and extend to full lenght or I can use it as a step ladder. I got the optional work platform with it and that's nice as it can hold tools and a paint can if needed and has a handle that extends above the top of the step ladder to hold onto. The rungs are wider than normal so it's easier on one's feet.

Now I just need to haul that heavy thing out of the house and put the wingsand standoff on it and get to work cleaning the gutters. Last year I bought a gutter cleaning devise that will screw onto an extention pole. It enables me to work off the ladder and reach about 10 ft to either side of the ladder and scrape the leaves out of the gutters.

I'm finally done with the prostrate cancer control shots (Lupron) and slowly gaining my strength back so hopefully I can get these gutters cleaned and get back out fishing.

The rain has helped. We had a burn ban in effect for the last few weeks but now that it's rained a few times they took the ban on burning off. I personally don't burn the leaves. I chop them up using a mulching riding lawn mower.

We need a good killing frost to get rid of the mosquitoes. The water in the lakes and rivers is cooling off so the fall fishing is ready.

The river water has cooled off so much faster than the land. So the cold water running though the water distribution system pipes is causing the pipes to shrink and burst. We have had three water main breaks and loss of water in the last week. Sunday morning a 16" main water line broke and cut off water to the entire West side of town. We have to boil the tap water to make it safe until the water testing shows that the repairs are complete and we get two clean water tests in a row. Bacteria can enter the water lines when they break and are repaired. There is a lot of dirt in the water so we have to let the water run for a while to get all the dirt out of the water line. We drink bottled water here. But I use tap water for my morning cup of coffee. So that has been replaced with distilled water. I only drink one cup of decaff coffee a day so I'm using my CPAP's distilled water for my coffee these days. Hopefully by tomorrow the water tests for bacteria will be negative two days in a row and we can drink the tap water again. Our Tap water comes out of the Ohio River which is why I drink purified bottled water form the store. I don't trust the tap water out of the Ohio River. Neither should anyone else. IMHO.