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    Anyone been striper fishing

    Anyone been doing any good with stripers in the last month or so. My last trip was December 28th and we managed to catch one 23" striper and 5 quality smallies. Fishing shiners under boards and balloons. Striper came in the last 3rd of creek and we marked a ton of bait with several decent piles of fish but could only manage 1 striper along with several pull downs. Later in the afternoon, in the first 3rd of different creek, we found a very nice school of fish but could not get any takers. Had a few rods quiver but nothing commit. There was a ton of bait in the area and maybe the fish had just gorged? Most were suspended between 15-25 feet and water temp was low 50's. Several previous trips I had been catching smaller gizzards and had the same problem getting marked fish to bite (besides black bass). I have been thinking of what i could have done differently to coax a few more bites. I talked to another striper guy and he said he was marking fish but couldn't get any bites.

    The last year for me has been the toughest in a while. In previous years, i feel like we would have caught numbers given the same circumstances. Anyone else feel this way? Any thoughts?

    Thanks and happy new year to all!

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    Yep, I've been fishing some and....ditto!

    What you describe is what I've been seeing too, except the biggest school I've seen was about 4 fish. My last couple trips I have been skunked, with one 32" fish before that. We were fishing with Gizzards and Threads from 3" to 8" on multiple trips and marking good fish at depths that should have let us limit out. You wouldn't happen to have been trolling at 0.5 to 0.7 Mph would you? Speed is the only thing that pops into my head that I could have changed up. Wish I had stopped completely a few times, and run up around 1 to 1.2 Mph a bit to see if my luck changed.

    I sat out the summer and started back this fall and it seems there's just not as many fish as there was back in the spring. I hope I'm just not finding them and the summer die-off wasn't actually that bad.

    Even though I only started last spring, the striper bug has bit me hard enough I'm already planning some trips to the river and on down into Cordell Hull.

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    caught a decent stripe when catfishing the falls of the ohio a few weeks ago.

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