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Thread: GRL??

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    My question is

    Why did they do what they did? I don't hear of other dam splash boxes getting shut down and reworked. Does it happen anywhere else? Is it just a poor design or cheaply done as possible no matter what happens? Can it be fixed where you don't have to do this again?

    I remember this being done before.

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    They do need a AAA for boats

    Quote Originally Posted by llg View Post
    I do use Seafoam. My pontoon is now 11 years old and all the rubber in the motor dry rotted. Found a spark plug wire shorting to a bolt head. Then had to replace fuel pump. Took 3 trips to the doctor to get it running. Lucky it didn't catch fire. I need to get confidence back in it. Left me stranded a couple of times, but did work when we launched it last.

    When in the middle of GRL, the motor won't start, and your trolling motor can't keep up with the wind, and there is no boat in sight--It's a scary feeling. There is no triple A for boats.

    I have a pontoon because that is as close as I want to get to the water. I should be out there in another 18 days give or take.
    Someone should start up a business like AAA for boats. That is a good idea. Right now we depend on friends with boats to help us if our boats get into trouble and won't start while out on the lake. Iv'e towed some strangers back to the launch ramp a few times myself. Had a friend call me one day from Patoka Lake. That's a 1.5 hour drive for me to get from my house to Patoka lake. I drove up to the lake and launched my boat and went out to find him stranded on an island. he called me using his cell phone. I towed his boat back to the launch ramp and we went our separate ways. I've only seen him a couple of times since then. I got a call from his brother who told me that he died of a heart attack last year. I was going to go to a meeting with our mutual friends but they didn't call me until the last minute and i was not home. I had to take my mother to her doctor and only got the call on my answering machine when I got back home later that afternoon. I missed his wake or what ever they call those things. I would have enjoyed talking with his brothers nd our mutual friends again. As it's been years since I've talked to them. We all drifted apart over the years.

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