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Thread: Just a Reminder

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    Just a Reminder

    Today is the 20th of February, a light snow is falling and the wind will cut to the bone. However, with recent spring rains and warmer temperatures, late winter migration has started. To many of us who have sat in those laid-back soft recliners watching the Wildcats, while the early bass migration has sliped up on us before we realize. Water temperature, sunlight and water flow are the triggers for movement. Migration may start as early as 47 degrees, and the bigger fish are the first to move. On warmer days, bass will move to warmer flats during the day, and they can move back and forth several times a day. Lengthy warm periods draw them shallower, while abrupt weather changes send them back deeper. At this time of the year, bass suspend in the upper 5 to 15 feet of water so this why cranbaits and jerkbaits are lures of choice. So maybe one should begin to think about cutting the comfort that bind us and think about doing some fishing. Bone

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    And one more reminder, it's about time for new fishing license

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    Bonefish, I was in a similar frame of mind, but ol' man winter's not done yet. Local met calling for a colder than average March, will be interesting to see if bass can do the cha-cha-cha

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