Had the chance to get out to Anna after a bit of a hiatus and hit the water with a new friend and his son for a bit of a Striper trip. We were greeted on the day with a awesome sunrise, but it did not take long for the clouds to roll in and the rain to start....and along with the rain, plenty of wind. We dragged some live bait around the various areas near the 208 bridge, before venturing further up the North Anna side only to find the water pretty muddy from recent rains...saw tons of bait, but no takers since water clarity was pretty bad. After a brief troll up the North Anna we decided to head back down towards the 208 bridge and finish out the day. Overall we caught a few Striper, Wiper, and even a bass...not exactly a blow out day, but was happy to put them on a few fish and enjoy a great time together out on the water.