I had planned on going fishing today but for some reason snow in April just did not give me the movotation I need to go. After sitting around the house all day I decided to to drive buy my local boat ramp. I am only about 4 miles from Holmes Bend and I was curious as to what it looked like after the 1.9" of rain we got Sunday. The lake is on a rise but decent color on the main lake. I also drove over the 551 bridge and its rolling mud which is pretty much what I expected to see.

At the Holmes Bend ramp I noticed something interesting. At the ramp there is signs on each side of the ramp that has been there for years. I don't even recall what the sign says but what caught my attention was a 8X10 piece of paper that is laminated and stapled to the wooden post on both signs. KDFW has placed a notice saying effective 4/8/20 and until further notice there is no tournaments allowed on public water. They also have one posted on the box where you pay your launch fee. All of this was under water just a few days ago so the sign was put up within the last day or two. I knew the information about no tournaments in KY but I was surprised to see a sign at my local boat ramp. Seldom does Holmes Bend have tournaments go out of that ramp on a weekend but they do have an occasional tournament go out of there. I know there is a period when they have a weekly Tuesday night deal for a couple months but other than that they are very few tournaments that go out of that particular ramp. The majority go out of Site#1, Lone Valley or the State Marina ramp...I was just wondering if anyone has been to those particular ramps and seen any signs or for that matter any other lake in KY.