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    The Boo-Hoo Hotel

    The Boo-Hoo Hotel

    You know the story
    The grasshopper with no worry
    Up until autumn came
    No hunger had set in
    With a fiddle under his arm
    And with some hopeful charm
    He asked the ant for a bite to eat
    What! Cried the ant working in the heat
    Where is your food for the cold winter
    Haven’t you thought about Christmas dinner
    I was busy making music
    My acoustics were very therapeutic
    Time just flew by
    And now I have hallucinations of apple pie
    Where do you live said the ant
    I bet you live in a pie plant
    No! Said the grasshopper
    I live in Boo-Hoo Hotel with a sharecropper
    It’s a hotel with no net sales
    Just a place with dust on the scales
    No work is expected or ordered
    Only time for a line from across the border
    Why should I worry, said the grasshopper
    The government always prints out another dollar
    You see, someday everyone will have to pay the piper
    It’s then I will strike like a viper
    It’s I who plays and choses the tunes
    While sitting in my hotel room watching cartoons
    There’s always a political cost to bear
    Of someone accused of an affair
    I just sit and watch
    All my money comes with a knock
    It’s all part of the new world order
    All funneled through the southern border

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