America Is This You

There’s a progression
When God abandons the soul
When the body follows
The lust of the heart
When restraining grace
Is no longer found
When depraved minds
Cannot recognize reality and virtue
Reasoning becomes corrupted
The conscience goes numb
Perversional liberties
Become protected by law
It is then…
Truth is suppressed by unrighteousness
There’s no anger against immorality
Leadership reeks with corruption
The revelation of truth
Is no longer sought
Our innate reason and morality
Of mind, soul, heart and conscience are seared
It is then…
The rejection of a calloused conscience
Will suppress all truth
Man will fall into darkness
His light to righteousness goes out
Knowledge is diluted
Ideas become empty
Rationalization becomes power
Abandoned hearts seek evil pleasures
Liars will say truth is relative
The proud will think they are wise
Their idols will turn to gold
When Christ returns
What will they do
America is this you

Roy L. Nave
Romans 1:18; Judges 10; Proverbs 1:24; Hosea 4:17; Matthew 15:14; Acts 14:16
Hope: Psalms 81:11-13