I know from a medical standpoint how much suffering this man put up with since 2003. In my 46 years in the medical field, I know of no one that had to put up with a situation like his. I also know no other liked to fish more than him and had the mind of a fish figured out. Everything about his fishing was within perfection. He was truly one excellent sportsman. I also know he was one of the most honest and truthful men I have ever known. His love for his family was unmatched. As you can tell from the past post on fishin.com, how much fun I had fishing with him. I too, along with many others here on Fishin.com who knew him, am very sad with his passing. Knowing his fight for health through all this time, I know he needed a rest. There are some people in our life we come into contact that will always leave an void, and Elwood is one of those people.