The Prince of Darkness

There is One
The Angel of Light
Once a full measure of perfection
The touch of completeness
Full of wisdom
Perfect in beauty
Every precious stone
Was his covering
He was perfect
Until iniquity was
Found in him
His fall to Earth
The result of prideful, lustful desire
When lustful desire is conceived
It gives birth to evil
When evil is full-grown
It brings forth death
He is the Prince of Darkness
The world is his media
He is subtle, blatant, and powerful
He walks as a roaring lion
He is a perverted, malignant reality
A master of deception and lies
He sows dissention in governments
And in places of worship
He poisons the minds of academia
For our children he cookes with sugar
He enters the womb to reject life
To murder, steal and destroy
He controls the unrepenitive man
Moving quickly from shoulder to heart
He tested God
Took Jesus to the mountain to deal
He comes in night
To steal the day
He twists our desire to pleasure
And chocks our conscience to resist
Shall we die
Because of disobedience
Was it not important
For God to give us freedom of choice
Does not freewill trump
In Godís view
Is not salvation
Preference to condemnation
Can we hold God
To our level of justice
These things are to reveal
Just because his robe canít be touched
Donít think Satan is not real

Roy L. Nave