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    Salt river white bass

    Last week I dropped my kayak in off the bridge on HWY 53 and floated down quite a ways. I had good luck catching white bass all the way to the takeout point which was fairly far down river rd. Do the white bass stay up there all summer, or do they migrate back to the main lake at some point? I plan to do something similar, just pedal up as far as I can go and float back down to my truck.

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    Robert ... I don't know if the White Bass "stay" in the upper river area all Summer, but having caught my fair share of them in most all areas of the "lake" I'd have to say that they probably migrate ... or at least a substantial percentage of them do.

    When I say "lake" I am basically referring to all the water downstream of the quarry (just my interpretation, though). And I will have to admit that the largest concentration area where I've caught these fish is in the "horseshoe bend" area & the Chowning ramp area. I've caught them in the Settlers Trace Marina/Beech Creek & Little Beech Creek areas ... but, only a few of them & only on rare occasions. But, in either instance, I was not specifically targeting them.

    And yes, I do know the difference between a White Bass & a Hybrid Striped Bass. (just a FYI to the Keyboard Police ... LOL !! )

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    good deal, thanks. i may try the chowning ramp next. i launched off river rd from kayak and floated down to the 248 bridge with no luck. i tried going upstream (where i found some last week), but it was just to shallow to drag my boat up.

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