Riots of Fire

I close the curtains
To another day
To another sunset
In crimson, grays and blue
As the last of light of the day fades
Leaves on the Redbud quivered
In the cool evening breeze
Lighthouses in forest and fields
Light their beacons for the night
As the evening goes dark
Another light glows on the horizon
The glow of riots of fire
If the constitution protects
Protests, demonstrations
And peaceful assembly
Why then do we tolerate
Destructive riots in our streets
Do not riots distinguish themselves
From lawful assemblies by their violence
Is not anarchy
A state of disorder
Due to the absence of authority
Does not society naturally
Lean towards chaos and destruction
Why then are we not prepared
For people when they act according
To their assumed social identities
Does not then poverty
Oppression, race and injustice
Become an excuse for deeds of evil
Now, the door opens
For unscrupulous people
To use the crowd as a tool
For their destructive intentions
Make not mistake
Their collective behavior
Is never mindless
Even in chaos
Their intentions
Are structured and coherent
With meaning and conscious intent
Let us be clear
Riots rarely
Effect social change
Riots are the result
Of inadequate leadership
Riots are criminal
Their purpose is
To destroy, hurt and kill
When punishment for crimes
Are not swiftly given
The heart becomes more corrupt
Riots are a product
Of evil
Destructive riots
Should never be tolerated

Roy L. Nave