Well after the last couple years of fishing in water higher than summer pool, one would think that we would all have these fish figured out when the water is up. Yet once again, when the water is high the fishing proves to be tough. Still a few good fish weighed in. Just not by me. But that's ok, it's still fun.
1st place. Ryan Dowell and Joe Reichmuth. 11.22 lbs
2nd place. Nicky Galloway and Sonny Mason. 10.85 lbs
3rd place. Corey Lindsey and Ben Whitfill. 10.27
4th place. Austin Wilson and Don Harper 9.72 lbs
5th place. Nathan Harrison and Kenny Harrison. 8.89 lbs
Big fish. Corey Lindsey and Ben Whitfill. 5.13 lbs
See everyone next week. Takeoff is at 7pm cst at the state ramp. Thanks