Just a reminder on how to qualify for our classic. You must fish 4 tournaments total. 3 of those 4 must be fished with the partner you're fishing the classic with. That's the only way to qualify. The classic is Aug 28 and 29. Fishing for me was tough again this week. But hey can't win em all. Even though I want to.
1st place. Ben Morton and Dylan Bush. 14.65 lbs
2nd place. Nathan Harrison and Kenny Harrison. 12.92 lbs
3rd place. Sammy Duggins and Mike Flood. 10.24 lbs
4th place. Heath Stokes and Frank Estes. 7.57 lbs
5th place. Mikey Lucas and Byron Flood. 7.54 lbs
Big fish. Ben Morton and Dylan Bush. 5.04 lbs
See everyone next Friday. Takeoff is at 7pm cst at the state ramp. Thanks