Moveon how did you know the bass was asleep, did they have their eyes closed or were they snoring? Just kidding, you may be able to tell when a bass is asleep. I swear they are asleep about half the time when I go. Now as for the Loomis commercial, I have a high dollar Loomis but most of the time at night I reach for a Kistler or a Falcon. But that's your choice. Now young man let me share some knowledge from someone who has been night fishing for over 50 years. Like most of bass fishing there is no set rule. Learning as you go along is half the fun. I too used a moonglow and I still have one. But I use black lights now. But light is relative. I have seen the time when some knothead comes down the lake shinning a spotlight and it turned fish off for hours. But I have seen the time when i caught fish on a bank immediately after a bowfishing boat goes through. Was the light the problem or the solution? I have fished with fanatics that would not allow the glow on the end of a cigarette ( I don't smoke). And I have fished with those who use two white lights, both successful. It's sorta like which bait is better, a spinnerbait, a jig or plastics. I've caught good fish on all of them at night.So here is my advice, enjoy yourself. Use what make you comfortable and have fun. I fish tournaments because I like the competition. ( I know I'm too old, this may be my last year). But i have friends who are good fishermen and would never fish a tournament because that is out of their comfort zone. Fishing is about having fun.when you go don't think about all of the if's, just have fun. If you decide to fish tournaments, spend more time on the water. think while you are there. Don't worry about lights or baits. Instead focus on what the fish are doing. try to set a pattern from that information. And it may be helpful to fish with someone older and more experienced to help you do that. But most of all don't get spun out just have fun and learn.Sorry Moveon and Loomis guy, no harm meant. I apologize.