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    4 stroke outboards

    I can be a desperately frugal guy at times holding on to and fixing things well beyond their time. I have multiple boats - all with many years of service and last year our pontoon with the '83 inline blew a switch box one too many times leaving us stranded again and joking about the girls showing some leg so we could attract a "volunteer" to tow us in - guy on a jet ski with his dog this time. I realized that dealing with that old piece of crap inline was taking all of the fun out of even having the pontoon so I began coveting the thought of putting a 4 stroke on her as I perceived them to be the ultimate in marine reliability. But how can a frugal guy swing that kind of financial miracle for such a fresh piece of modern marine marvel? Long story short I scored a 2017 90hp Yamaha with really low hours at a great price and have run that motor for the past year and my coveted impression was more than right. I still chuckle every time I turn the key and she snaps to life instantly with doing nothing more than pumping the bulb on the ramp. I have never choked nor bumped up the fast idle to start her so unlike that inline that it took all kinds of tricks, cursing, praying, and tinkering to get and keep it running. It is an absolute joy to run this Yamaha - so much quieter and my gas mileage has at least doubled over the predecessor. Now 12 gallons will generally last a weekend rather than just a day. She is a little heavier than the inline but nothing is perfect. I know a lot of you reading this are saying yeah, yeah what took you so long dummy to wise up and come out of the dark ages. I just bow my head and thank my stars I found a "deal" to pull this off because 10 to 12 grand is a lot of money for us frugal types to cough up for an outboard and that is just for a 90hp - it goes up from there. I greatly value my debt free status and want to stay there. Regardless somehow now I have to figure out how to pull off the same financial miracle for two more rigs!

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    Hope you have continued success and reliability,
    There are many out there that have not.
    I have been told by a marine mechanic that he has seen a lot of problems
    with the new 4 strokes and told me I'd be better off staying with my old 2 stroke.
    I put 25 yrs on my last one with no problems and it was still fine when I sold it for a bigger one.
    The 4 strokes are nice, until they aren't, then they're expensive to repair.
    Time will tell.

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