In addition to a hunting and/or fishing license the following permits are required:

All visitors must obtain a one-day access permit before entering the field, regardless of their activity. The one-day access permit must be kept with you while visiting and must be completed and returned to a self-service booth, dropbox, or the Sugar Ridge FWA office before leaving. The information you provide helps us identify ways to improve Indiana’s FWAs for all users. We appreciate your patience in taking the extra time to fill out the permit. Your feedback and comments are valuable to us.

Night and predator hunting is only permitted by daily permit cards from the property manager.

A permit from the Sugar Ridge FWA office is required to enter the waterfowl resting area.

There is a minimum size limit of 14-inches for largemouth bass in effect on all state-owned, operated, or leased waters except for free-flowing streams.

Partial closures exist on five fishing areas during waterfowl hunting season.

A Lake Permit is NOT required on Blue Grass FWA.