Another nice night out on the lake. After last night we only have 4 more open tournaments this summer. So for the teams that still need to get some tournaments in for classic qualification, time is starting to run out.
1st place. Nicky Galloway and Sonny Mason. 17.91 lbs
2nd place. Steve Powell and David Mercer. 11.45 lbs
3rd place. Chris Martin and Tommy Hornback. 10.82 lbs
4th place. Dax Medvescek and Luke Robinson. 9.40 lbs
5th place. Shane Teague and Mike Forest. 9.22 lbs
Big fish. Nicky Galloway and Sonny Mason. 5.50 lbs
Hope to see everyone next Friday. Takeoff is at 7pm CST at the state ramp.
Keith. 2703147439
Chris. 2703167719