WOW! RECORD YEAR WITH 144 BOATS! What a record year for our 15th Annual Crusade/Memorial Tournament. I first want to thank everyone who showed up on this beautiful day to remember the 20th Anniversary of 9/11/01 and also who came out to support the memorial of our fallen Chief Rob Orkies. To all of our sponsors, individuals who donated door prizes, to all the volunteers who helped make this year a remarkable tournament, THANK YOU!!!!

Also any comments, concerns, or suggestions, please reach out to me at

##### I apologize in advance for spelling and I know I had the names of 1 boat that the names got mixed up with boat numbers but we had it fixed during weigh in, just not on here as I didnt fix it in my paper work.

1st big fish $715 4.10lbs Spencer & Mercer
2nd big fish $715 4.01lbs Dowell & Reichmuth

1st $1500 4 fish 10.08lbs Spencer & Mercer
2nd $1000 4 fish 10.05lbs Weber & Raymond
3rd $700 5 fish 9.14lbs Hesse & Bluer
4th $400 5 fish 9.13lbs Key & Key
5th $350 5 fish 8.07lbs Davis & Conrad
6th $300 4 fish 8.04lbs Mullins & Dennis
7th $250 4 fish 6.13lbs Calvert & Jaggers
8th $200 3 fish 6.10lbs Redsten & Schaffer
9th $150 4 fish 6.09lbs Ogle & Ogle
10th $100 3 fish 6.08lbs King & Gentry
11th $80 3 fish 6.08lbs Kennedy & Kennedy
12th $60 3 fish 6.06lbs Schutten & Taylor
13th $50 3 fish 6.04lbs Hardesty & Lindsey
14th $44 4 fish 6.01lbs Galloway & Mason