Next Friday is our last open of the year. The following Friday and Saturday Aug 26 and 27 will be our classic to those who have qualified. If you have any questions about your qualifications just give me a call or text and I'll look it up.
1st place. Bob Dorton and Danny Richardson. 17.38 lbs
2nd place. Bj Fitzgerald and Carson Fitzgerald. 11.58 lbs
3rd place. Nicky Galloway and Sonny Mason. 10.21 lbs
4th place. Mike Whitfill and Crystal Whitfill. 9.52 lbs
Big fish. Bob Dorton and Danny Richardson. 5.93 lbs
Hope to see everyone next week. Takeoff is at 7pm cst at the state ramp.
Keith. 2703147439
Chris. 2703167719