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    Learning How To Fish In Grass

    Today I'm bass fishing in grass. Bass fishing in weeds is something that I'm not very good at so today I'm Learning How To Fish In Grass by frog fishing for bass and punching mats for bass.

    Check It Out On YouTube
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    nice video

    I have always loved frog fishing, but am by no means an expert. I have picked up some tricks over the years that help me catch more fish. I usually use a black or green frog, but don't think it matters when you are in the heavy stuff. I do like smaller frogs and feel like it doesn't affect the size of the fish I catch. I started when the SnagProof frog was about all that could be found and I would use their tournament frog and add 2-3 copper BB's inside the body. I like to cast on or right next to the bank and it is amazing how many 4-5 lbers are in undercut banks that are covered by moss and grass that most people don't fish because they assume it is too shallow. Last thing is that i look for areas where the moss or grass has a hole or disturbance. If I can fish up to that hole and then swim across it, I will let the skirt on the frog dangle and shake it like a shaky head to make those BB's draw fish.

    Something else that is a blast is catching a big bullfrog when you cast up next to the bank. It is addictive!

    Tight lines!
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