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    Gar swimming around

    Hey I got a quick question . If you see allot of gar swimming around , do they run off the other fish such as Largemouth ??

    Thx in advance ...Jay

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    My thoughts on this is that they do scare off other fish to a degree. Last year I was fishing a little bit below Ky Lake dam and was catching smallmouth Bass in the 12"-14" range and had one on my line swimming in a circle when my pole bent over double and a big Gar swam by with my 14" SM cross ways in it's mouth and broke my line. I wouldn't have thought it could even swallow the fish but it did attack it. When I've seen heavy Gar present the bite for other fish always seems off for me.

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    i will second that motion,ohio river,not much bass bite when i see gar all surfaceing around my area, need more opinions to make a call ,thank you

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    I tend to agree...........a GOOD friend, god rest his soul would tell me that when the gar were present, they WERE with the baitfish, and the BASS would have been there, but the gar do in fact cause them to scatter.

    So, if I find gar, I know I'm in the right place, just the wrong time.

    Sometimes, I've been able to pull off or go tighter to cover, and catch a few, but if the bass are schooled in the same place, I generally just leave.



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