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    Other forums for Ky fishing information

    Is there another forum/page that has useful information about fishing in Ky such as lake temps, patterns, etc. I used to really like this site but have recently found it to be completely useless. Anybody that gives out any info usually does it through a PM. I am just a recreational fisherman that gets out maybe a couple times a year to Cumberland but would like to have an idea of what is going on before I make the trip. I guess this forum has been ruined by tournament fisherman. It is really sad because it used to be a good resource for regular fishermen.

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    There are a lot of facebook groups for most lakes. Have to cull thru a lot of crap but have some good info too.

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    Bass Boat Central has a Kentucky page that has a decent user base. I too used to frequent this board more than I do now and itís not all ďtournament guysĒ who are tight lipped about info. Iíve seen plenty of outright anti-tournament guys on here be pretty stingy with the info. Itís just part of it. I find myself guilty of it too when I sense someone isnít really willing to go try to find stuff themselves.

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    I think if you used the search engine you would find alot of old info that might help. Alot of the older guy's on here have kinda faded off over the years. I still check in and be glad to share what I know about the Ohio. Chuck
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