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Thread: catfish noodles

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    catfish noodles

    wodering what time year can start using noodles ( nver used them) April/May June? do need sinker on them? how long a line? I am refering to Taylorsville Lake . Would Appreciate ANY Information . Would grealty Appreciate is.

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    You could use them any time. I don't have noodles as those things make a mess if they are lost. On my jugs I have 15-20 feet of heavy braided line and can snub it off shallower if needed. I put a 2 or 3 oz bank sinker on bottom and a 4/0 trotline hook about 16" above it. That keeps the bait off the very bottom and less likely to get hung up.

    Earliest I have used them is April. Caught some blues at barkley while turkey hunting.

    Can't speak to Taylorsville. Never seen the place.

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