So.........It's been a long azz time since I've been to KY or Barkley. Since last year, and then I only went 1 time last year.

At any rate. I barely saw any asian carp. We saw them and saw some in some regular places, but not the massive bays full of them......that was good.

We also found a crap ton of shad, and I mean a crap ton. More shad than I have seen in about 10 years. I hope that starts to translate into bigger and better fish.

We didn't wear them out, but we did catch them ok on 3 days. We caught 20 or 30 yesterday but they were all small.

We did manage some good fish on topwater, and red eye shad.......

bottom line.........I think the lakes are definitely getting better, and will be really good in a year or so.