Man I have to say..........Fishing down there is getting better.........DEFINITELY better.

I was on a spot Friday morning and my wife and I caught 50 largemouth bass in about 3 hours. 25 of them off of 1 spot.

We did not catch any monsters, but they were still fun. WE caught 3-4 keepers, and prob 5-6 that were close, and the rest were 10 inches or so.

All on red eye shad or swimbait.

We moved on to some other spots, and managed to catch some white bass. TALK about fun.

Saturday, we fished a totally different area on KY Lake. Stayed in 1 bay and managed about 20 or so with 8-9 smallies. My wife hammered me on a swimbait, but I caught some nicer fish on top water.

In fact that topwater bite lasted for about 3 hours, and was really, really fuun.

So much fun, that I've added 3 additional 4 day weekends from now until middle of November.