Happy Motherís Day to all the mothers out there. May has been a scorcher so far. The summer heat has already arrived, but windy conditions still prevail. The new moon the last few days has provided extremely high tides and negative tides creating dirty water conditions for anglers.

Structure has been the main focus targeting snook. Seawalls and docks are holding snook, with the higher tides getting your bait in the right spot has been key for successful hook ups. Mangrove shoreline are great areas to find the snook, locating troughs and potholes is the key for finding schools of snook. Live bait and Rapala x raps have been the bait of choice the past week.

Tarpon fishing has been hit and miss past week, schools of fish can be seen along channels and seawalls in search of bait schools. Cleaner water provides better hookup opportunities, for anglers to tango with the tarpon. Dirty water conditions the trick is keeping your bait near the structure, enticing the silver king to strike. Live bait has been the go to for targeting the tarpon, mullet and pilchards best bait.

Plethora of species are being caught along the structure docks, seawalls, bridges all holding , jacks, snapper, drum, barracuda, sharks, and many other species. Live bait or jigging produce hook ups. The Jacks are schooled up at times providing anglers nonstop action, many of these jacks are reaching 15 pounds.

Well, that is the fishing report for the past week. Hope you all enjoyed. Remember you canít catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight lines! PhlatsInshoreFishing.com visit us on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest and YouTube.