Posted by Grumpy pasted here by Peter

The way I put my Avatar up was: after you have logged on, click on "User CP" in the grey menu bar; then look at the selections on the left; and click on "Edit Avatar". Option 1 is a custom Avatar which means you select/provide your own Avatar by use of your own web site (url) or with Option 2 (which I used) you can use something like a photo that is on your computer. Make sure you write down the path on your computer to find the photo/avatar you want to use (e.g. Desktop, Photos, Fishing, and the photo number) then click on Browse. That will take you to your computer and follow the path you just wrote down. When you click on the photo (or whatever) you want to use that will be transferred to be your Avatar on this board.

I am not a computer guru so I hope you can understand this and hope it helps. Thats what I did anyhow.