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    Norris the 9th and 15 of October

    Fished both days from daylight until noon. the 9th was overcast and a much better day than the 15th. Caught 27 the 9th with 7 over 3 lbs. All fish hit a clear excaliber spook in less than 5 feet of water. Caught 9 the 15th with 1 over 3 lbs on the same pattern,. The fish are in the creeks on rock limestone points. They are right on the bank.The water is very clear . The temps are in the lower 70s.Almost every fish was a largemouth caught, 3 SM in both days. 7 were Spotts. None of the SM were over 18 inches.One strange thing was that every where we found concentrations of bass there were a lot of gar in open water.Whatever was attracting the gar the bass liked also.Fish2win

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    RE: Norris the 9th and 15 of October

    I was out there the 9th and 10th. Let's just like Fish2win said, it was amazing. I had guys that have fished once or twice that were catching bass. We boated 20 bass in 3 hours one morning before we had to go golfing. I swear I could have caught 100 by days end if I was with Fish2win. The great thing about this is 90% of the fish were Largemouths. I got one pushing 5lb on top with a spook and it was refreshing. The majority of fish were 10-16 inches. Must have been a good spawn. Released them all and that is what we should all do with the Largemouth and Smallmouth in Norris. Keep the Spots - there is too many of them. The fish were shallow and hit crankbaits, worms, spooks and spinnerbaits. Fish2win offerred up the pattern. It was the same one I was on, imagine that. I never got to say thanks! Keep up the good work. We will fish Thanksgiving weekend. Let's hope it is as good as it was a week ago. Can't wait!!!

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