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    Is Biosonix Fishing System fair?

    BioSonix is a new product that emits fish feeding sounds through a transducer mounted to you trolling motor. Cost around $700. It supposedly increases fish catch by over 400%. Kevin Van Dam won two E 50s and the Bassmaster Classic this yr. using it and Arron Martens used it when he won this yrs W.O.N. US Open. My question is do ya'll think it is fair to use this product in tournaments where the majority of people would not have one due to the cost?

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    RE: Is Biosonix Fishing System SPAM???

    Same question posted to three different states' discussion boards on this site on the same day. Same question asked in various questionable articles around the 'Net, all linked back to a website which shills the product.

    Maybe it's coincidence, but I doubt it. Reminds me of the "question" posted about a certain super-duper green fishing light a few months ago.

    If you want to advertise a product, you ought to contact the webmaster and ask about becoming a sponsor and advertising the right way - then you can support the site rather than mooching off it. Trying to sneak in free advertising by posing as an ordinary user is unethical and dishonest. I don't do business with unethical and dishonest companies.


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