It appears to me the weather is setting up to repeat last year, the cold is mostly over with and once we get past the 22nd of December we will not only see more daylight but should start to see some early signs of warming temperatures. Having said that the fish should be moving to feed on to the humps and the best of the winter is yet to come.
Although you can always find deep fish until the end of March my suggestion is to constantly test the shallow patters with traps and spinner baits as this warm up begins. After you have done that for your first few hours on the lake then go back to your typical winter fishing, fish 9 feet deep and deeper and use the typical mid winter baits.
That being said fish a jig, a small worm or big worm and jerk bait over 7 to 15 feet of water. Look for isolated grass patches not to heavy of a grass base to them. Fish the 2nd and 3rd level breaks on the river channel and work the edges of the humps for bass moving back and forth as they feed.
I believe what you will find is the warming of the day will bring the fish up in the 7 feet range and the cold of the late day light will move them deeper. With most the feeding type activity occurring during the warmest part of the day.
I think you will see real positive change to the fishing over the next few weeks and the Guntersville lunkers will be hanging out feeding and waiting for your baits.
I hope this information helps, I hope to see you on the water, and I have days available for fishing before the end of the month, and still have gift certificates available for Christmas gift ideas.

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Captain Mike