These next few weeks if you can believe the weatherman there should be quite a lot of change to the weather. One thing I believe and have proven over the last several years is that “fish in motion stay in motion” in other words the bass will not retreat from their feeding habits just because it might get cold for a few days. They may move out a little deeper but now that they are feeding with the warming of the sun during the day it won’t change. If you have been catching fish in 7 to 9 feet of water don’t change your habits just because of the weather, keep fishing that depth and move slightly deeper if you find you don’t get the bites. I write these tips from 12 years of history that I have been keeping on my computer, and I assure you that the past 12 years my information says the same thing, once the bass start moving and feeding they don’t quit.
One of the best things about winter fishing is that my history has also proven that in the winter the prettier the day, with sun the better the fish bite. The cloudy and overcast days in the winter is when I struggle for bites. Proven again this past Friday with a cloudy overcast day with no wind and only 3 fish.
One of the other tips I can give you about this time of year is don’t let the wind, unless its unsafe, run you off the water. My history also tells me that a wind especially out of the South creates a bite on Guntersville in the winter. It pushes the baitfish and helps move and create activity hence you catch fish.
As far a tackle, if it does get cold you just have to slow down your presentation, maybe go smaller than you were fishing this week. Be a patient fisherman and you will catch fish. I would continue using a jerk-bait and jig and worm. You may have to put your trap down if it does get cold. Other than that, keep fishing and enjoy the greatest time of year on the lake.
To those of you who have been telling me you want to fish with me when its “big fish” time of year, well guys its time; there will be more big fish caught over the next month than any time of year, I promise you.
I have several days available over the next month starting this week, I’d love to hear from you, let’s get together and catch one of those big Guntersville lunkers you have been dreaming about.

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Captain Mike