Hello everyone.

My name is Danny, and Iíve been a member of fishin.com for several years.

Recently, I was looking for some specific lures that are no longer made in a particular color. Fortunately, some other posters had some of the lures I was looking for and offered to send them to me. I offered to trade them some lures for the ones they were sending, or to pay them. From this an idea was bornÖÖ

ďThe Community Tackle BoxĒ

This is a new forum that Jim has set up on this site for us. The forum can be accessed through the main contents page, or by using the following link:


So, if you have any tackle that you just arenít using, or if you are looking for some specific tackle, please visit this new forum and post your request. Be specific in your descriptions of what you are looking for, or what you have to offer. So far we have already had several trades made, and this was before the board was created. Iíve already made the first post for some reels Jim D. is looking for. Remember, the tackle can be offered for trade or for sale.

We do ask though that if you run a tackle company, that you not advertise your inventory. We will be forced to delete such advertisements. Now if you wish to advertise with fishin.com, we can arrange that by working with Jim D. and Peter.

If this site becomes successful, we are considering adding a page where pictures of the tackle can be posted.