Here are some of the tournaments that are sanctioned with Skeeter. If you have any questions regarding any of these, contact B&J Marine or the tournament director. Also may sure you go to Skeeter and send your $20.00 registrations in or the if you were to win, it would not be valid..

Also it takes 30 boats to qualify for real money...


TFK ( Tournament Fishing KY)

March 19th Barren River
April 23rd Rough River
May 7th Nolin Lake
June 25th Barren River
July 23rd Taylorsville Lake
Sept.30-Oct 1st KY Lake (Classic)

B&J MARINE 4th Annual Derby April 30th Ohio River-Coxs Park

TNT-Tuesday Night Tournament-Taylorsville Lake

April 18th
April 25th
May 2nd
May 16th
May 30th
June 13th
June 27th
July 11th
July 25th
August 8th
August 22nd
August 27th (Classic)

FOP Bass Club

March 18th Rough River
April 15th Nolin Lake
May 20th-21st KY Lake
June 10th Barren River
July 8th Rough River
Sept 23rd-24th KY Lake

Bluegrass Bass Club

April 9th Nolin Lake
May 21st Barren River
July 16th Patoka Lake
Oct 21st-22nd KY Lake

Louisville Building Trades Bass Club

March 25th Rough River
April 29th-30th KY Lake
June 3rd Nolin Lake
November 4th-5th Rough River