Hey everyone, I am starting a new division of CATT bass (http://www.cattbass.com ) on Kentucky/Barkley Lake. This event is 90% cash payback at the ramp, there are 6 Sunday team tournaments($100 entry fee) and a classic where you fish for a fully rigged Nitro bass boat. The dates are:

April 23-KY Dam 6am-3pm
June 4-KY Dam 6am-2:30 pm
June 25-KY Dam 6am-2:30pm
July 23-KY Dam 6am-2:30 pm
August 13-KY Dam 6am-2:30pm
Sept. 17-Moors Resort 6am-3pm

If you are interested check out http://www.cattbass.com or send me an email at cattbass@hotmail.com.