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    Industrial Tournament Sept 30 (Barren)

    We will have a meeting at Lampkin Park in Bowling Green on Thursday Sept 28th. to draw how the teams will take off. Any more questions please feel free to call one of the names listed below. Below is a entry form and rules.

    Industrial Tournament
    Barren River Lake (Peninsula Ramp)
    Sept 30th 6:00 am (or safe light) –2:00pm
    Entry fee is $250.00 per team. A team is 5 boats with a maximum of 2 people per boat.
    100% payback, $25.00 from each team will go to big fish.
    ·At least 1 person from each boat must be employed at the same industry and show proof prior to tournament.
    All fish must be at least 15 inches; questionable fish will be measured on a golden rule. Courtesy measure upon request, short fish without courtesy measure will result in DQ to that persons bag
    ·5 fish per boat
    ·Each dead fish will receive a ½ pound penalty
    ·A member from each boat will be given an index card with your team and boat number. The card must be turned in to the designated person by 2:00 pm, if you are late a 1 pound penalty for each minute up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes that boat from that team is disqualified.
    ·No alcoholic beverages allowed
    ·U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket must be worn when combustion engine is above idle speed.
    ·No trolling or jig poling allowed
    ·Artificial lures only, no live or prepared bait.
    ·Livewells will be checked prior to tournament
    ·All federal, state, and local laws must be obeyed
    ·To preserve our sport in the future, all live fish must be released back into the lake with an exception of trophy fish
    ·A meeting will be held Thursday, Sept. 28th. at 6:00pm cst. in Bowling Green at Lampkin Park. At least 1 person from each team is required to be there. If a team representative can not be present you must contact a name below.
    ·The persons holding this tournament or anyone fishing this tournament will not be responsible for any thefts, accidents, or injuries before, during, or after the tournament. By each person on your team signing the back of this form you agree to accept all responsibility for any accidents, thefts, or injuries that occur before, during, or after this tournament to you or your property.

    Ronnie Woodcock 270-286-9220 home 270-246-0251 cell
    Shawn Badgley 270-542-4816 270-542-9098
    Benny Decker 270-597-3749 270-246-2975
    Toby Vincent 270-597-3494 270-392-5077
    Gary Miller 270-678-3156 270-590-0393
    Kurt Taylor 270-563-3869 270-202-1798

    Company Name______________________
    Participants name
    Angler Co Angler
    1)__________________________ ______________________________

    2)__________________________ ______________________________

    3)__________________________ ______________________________

    4)__________________________ ______________________________

    5)__________________________ ______________________________

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