For those of you who like to fish Geist Reservoir, I just wanted to pass along some info. I'll be running a division of Angler's Dream tournament trail on Geist reservoir. Here is the tentative schedule, barring any issues with the Marina:

Geist Reservoir dates

4/25 - Olio Rd
5/23 - Olio Rd
6/13 - Olio Rd
7/10 - Olio Rd
8/28 - Olio Rd

We'll be paying back 20% of the field with a "double your entry fee" GUARANTEE. In other words, if you finish in the money at Geist, you will win AT LEAST double your entry cost, probably more, right down to the last paid position! Our division will qualify people to move on to a Tournament Championship at the end of the year. There are several other divisions being started in the northern part of the state. For more info see or for specific Geist circuit info,