Indy Bass Club in Indianapolis is looking for a few new teams. We currently have 8 teams and would like to add a few more.

The club is designed to run much like a bowling league. We use a points system, each tournament you accrue points to determine the end of year results in-which EVERY angler will get a paycheck. With the exception of one tournament we only fish one day events to help cut down costs.

Costs: Entry fee's per tournament are $30 per angler also an optional fee of $10 per angler for big bass pot. Big Bass pot as of now would be around $180 for one day of fishing. We will also have a Big Bass roll-over pot (5.6 lbs +) which we expect will exceed $300-$400....

Here's the schedule:
Date - Location
April 3rd - Glen Flint
April 24th - Lemon
May 22nd&23rd - Mill Creek (IL)
June 19th - Patoka Res.
July 17th - Geist Res.
July 31st - Mill Creek (Nt)
August 21st - Ohio River (Ramp ?)
October 2nd - Raccoon Lake

I wanted to point out the focus of this club is for FUN and it is not a blood and guts type environment. We are not a Top 8 club and we hope to attract angler of all levels but it's a perfect oppurtunity for the beginner to intermediate level anglers to begin their fishing career.

If you are interested please contact Josh Ray.