Indy Bass Club - Non-affiliated

We have our meeting scheduled for February 5th, 3pm at Harry C's Food & Spirits. If you are interested please join us at the meeting or contact myself Josh Ray (Indy) or Zane Paddack (Zemo) and we will be glad to answer your questions.

$25 per person membership dues.

Eight tourneys a year. Members pick the lakes.
$60 entry fee per tournament, $20 big bass (optional) and $10 big bass roll over (optional) - all fees are team based.

Here's the tentative dates:

1 - April 9th and 10th
2 - April 23
3 - May 21
4 - June 25
5 - July 23
6 - August 20
7 - September 17
8 - October 15

(Lakes selection will be held at the meeting)

New for this year will be some form of payout at the ramp (50%) and the rest paid out at end of year by position of finish. Big bass is 100% at ramp. 6 fish limit per boat.

This club is not for somebody who is wanting to make a lot of money (but unless you are a pro, you ain't making any money from fishing anyway). But if you like to fish in tournaments and are more interested in the friendly competition then give us a chance. If anybody is not sure please contact me and we will give you a trial period. No membership fees for the first 2 tournaments and if you decide not to stay then that is OK and you are only out your entry fees. If you decide to stay then just pay the membership dues and you will receive all points earned to date.

We are a club that has been around for 20-25 years and are in the process of trying to update ourselves to the present trends of today. Please check out our website If you have any questions please contact myself Josh Ray (Indy) or Zane Paddack (Zemo) and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Map to Harry C's: 440&tab=B2C&tcat=8903827&city=Indianapolis&state=I N&uzip=46204&country=us&msa=3480&cs=4&ed=lRLWXK1o2 TxoxXiHaB7ey.nwpktBmw4axwdPloyn.tMq&stat=:pos:2:re gular:regT:6:fbT:0

Thanks for your interest!
J.Ray (Indy)
Sec. Indy Bass Club

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