1)All participants must purchase a big bass card. You cannot fish with out a big bass card.

2)The entry fee for each tournament shall be $30.00 per boat. $25.00 of the entry fee shall be paid back at each tournament and $5.00 shall go into the big bass pot. To win the big bass pot you must weigh in a fish that is 5.8 pounds or larger. The monies collected from the big bass cards shall be held until the classic. You must fish 8 tournaments to qualify for the classic, you may not buy your way into the classic. If you don't fish the 8 tournaments you don't fish the classic.

3)There shall be a 5 fish limit per boat. The fish must be alive and at least 14 in length. You must bring your
fish to the scales from the water, you may not load your boat then bring your fish to the scales. Short fish and dead fish will be weighed and their weight deducted from your legal catch. There will also be a $25.00 fine assessed for short fish or dead fish. Your fine must be paid before you may fish any additional tournaments.

4)DNR rules and regulations must be obeyed, violators will be disqualified. Speeding in the idle zones or after dark will not be tolerated.

5)The lake shall be off limits to boating or fishing the day of the tournament, until launch time on Friday night.

6)You must stay at least 50 yds. away from other participants, whether anchored or not.

7)You may not use any form of dead, live, or prepared bait, the only exception being trailers made from pork.

8)You must remain in your boat at all times, you may not leave your boat to land a fish, however you may get out to retrieve a lure that is lodged or use the rest room.

9)The area between the two docks adjacent the launch ramp, is off limits. Draw an imaginary line between the ends of the two docks, from that line back to the shore is off limits. You can not go under the foot bridge and fish behind the gas pump house. You may not be outside the off limits and fish into the off limit areas.

10)Starting positions shall be determined by blind draw. The highest number drawn shall be the starter boat.

11)You must be inside the idle zone at 1:00 AM or you will be disqualified.

12)Professional fisherman will not be allowed to participate. If you have fished any pro circuit in 2005 you may
not fish these tournaments.

13)Protests must be presented to the tournament director prior to the weigh in.

14)Please notify the ramp attendant if you are leaving before the weigh in so no one has to go out looking for you.

15) The times for the tournaments for the month of May shall be 6:00pm until 10:00 pm. The time for the remaining tournaments beginning the month of June shall be 7:00 pm until 1:00 am.