Reserved turkey hunts are available at 17 Indiana DNR properties, two
national wildlife refuges and a military area for the upcoming spring turkey
season, which runs April 27 through May 15.

The deadline for reserved hunt applications is March 15. Hunters may apply
for reserved turkey hunts by completing the application card in Indiana's
2004-05 Hunting and Trapping Guide, available at DNR properties, wherever
hunting licenses are sold, or by calling (317) 232-4080.

Hunters must have a valid turkey, lifetime or youth hunting license to
apply. Applicants will be selected by random drawing and will be notified of
results by mail.

Jasper-Pulaski, Kingsbury, LaSalle, Pigeon River, Tri-County, Willow Slough
and Winamac Fish and Wildlife areas and Roush Lake, Mississinewa and
Salamonie reservoirs will conduct five, three-day reserved hunts and two,
two-day reserved hunts. Hunting dates for these areas are:

April 27, 28, 29
April 30, May 1
May 2, 3, 4
May 5, 6, 7
May 8, 9, 10
May 11, 12, 13
May 14, 15

Atterbury, Crosley, Glendale, Fairbanks Landing, Hovey Lake, Splinter Ridge,
Hillenbrand and Minnehaha fish and wildlife areas and Big Oaks National
Wildlife Refuge will hold two, three-day reserved hunts. The hunting dates
for these areas are:

April 27, 28, 29
April 30, May 1, 2

Hunters interested in reserving dates at Fairbanks Landing FWA should write
"Fairbanks" above the Atterbury FWA choice on the application card.
Application cards in the hunting and trapping guide were published before
Fairbanks Landing became accessible to the public.

Hunters who have already applied for reserved hunts at other properties
cannot apply for Fairbanks Landing hunts, as a hunter chosen for two hunts
would take a reserved hunt opportunity away from a fellow hunter.

After the reserved hunts, Crosley, Fairbanks Landing, Splinter Ridge,
Glendale, Hovey Lake, Hillenbrand and Minnehaha Fish and Wildlife areas will
be open for turkey hunting from May 3 to the end of the season on May 15.

If necessary, a daily drawing may be held each morning at the property to
allocate hunting locations. A hunter must obtain a daily hunting permit at
the property's check station to legally hunt on these Fish and Wildlife

Kankakee and Sugar Ridge fish and wildlife areas and several reservoirs will
offer self-service check-in hunting for the entire spring wild turkey
season, April 27 to May 15, 2005.

Camp Atterbury AMTA

Atterbury Fish and Wildlife Area conducts five, two-day hunts at Camp
Atterbury Army Military Training Area. Camp Atterbury reserved hunts take
place on the following dates:

April 27, 28

May 2, 3
May 4, 5,
May 9, 10
May 11, 12

Hunter Education certification is required to hunt at Camp Atterbury.

For 2005, only the individual hunters selected will be permitted to hunt on
most properties. Selected hunters will not be allowed to bring a partner.
However, hunters drawn to hunt Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge will still
be required to bring a partner to hunt.

Selected hunters must be checked in at the property check station by 4:30
a.m. each morning of their hunt. Hunting spots that are not claimed by 4:30
a.m. will be filled with stand-by hunters. Roush Lake, Mississinewa,
Splinter Ridge, and Salamonie reservoirs will not conduct no-show drawings.

Muscatatuck NWR

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge will also be open to special permit
turkey hunting for 13 days during the 2005 spring turkey season. Ten weekday
morning hunt permits per day will be issued for the refuge hunting area.

Prospective Muscatatuck NWR turkey hunters can apply by filling out the
reserved wild turkey hunt application inserted in the Indiana 2004-2005
Hunting and Trapping Guide. Muscatatuck is also not listed on the card, but
hunters can write in and check Muscatatuck without indicating a choice of
date. Hunters selected in the random drawing will be randomly assigned only
one day. There is no choice of hunting dates.

All applications should be mailed to Atterbury FWA.

For additional information, call the property office where you wish to hunt.

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