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Thread: Dale Hollow

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    Dale Hollow

    I need some info on where to fish at Dale for smallmouth or largemouth. Never been to Dale Hollow. Info on what to use, day or nite, mainlake points, humps, whatever. All catch and release. I will be there for 4 days. Midlake area.

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    RE: Dale Hollow

    I'm probably the last person that should give advice, on Dale compared to the experts here, but I'll tell you what I know.

    I've only been getting 4 or 5 bites a night fishing all night long. Last night caught 3 between 2 and 3 LBS. Monday night 3, with a 19 and 20 incher.

    Caught all 3 on one point. Monday night they were 15ft, but deeper last night 20-25ft. The water temp was 87. The fish were very lathargic, and would not put up much of a fight at all. I reeled a 4 lber 1/2 way back to the boat trying to figure out whether a fish was on on not. They would stay down, pull a little, come up around the boat finally, thrash around a couple of times, and lay there. Kind of dissappointing really. Nothing like those springtime fish, that would try to take your lure, your rod, your tackle box, and try to pull you in as well.

    I threw a 1/2 oz short arm dark colored spinnerbait, with a big colorado blade and fished it very, very slowly along the bottom. Some would hit when I would pause, allowing the spinnerbait to pendulum back to the bottom. Others would hit, when I started reeling again. Caught most on a main lake bluff point, on the flatter creek side of it.

    They will hit a small jig as well but those fish were smaller. All the spinnerbait fish have been good ones. The jig hits were light. They hit it like a red eye.

    Boat traffic picked up some last night with the moon filling up.

    Maybe some of the Dale Hollow experts can chime in here.

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