Hey guys, check out these new jigs, they are getting really hot in the ozark area. They come in many sizes and colors and include football heads as well. Here is their website www.omegacustomtackle.com. If you need any more info let me know, email me at kc_18_35@hotmail.com, Here are some of the features of the Omega jig

1. Created at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri
2. Flat-face design acts as standup head (the natural defensive posture of a
3. Flat face design to easily skip under docks, cables, and other cover
4. 60 degree Flat Eye Hook results in high percentage hook-ups
5. Triangular-shaped head slides through cover like no other jig.
6. Rattle collar with rattle included (angler has option of using a rattle if
7. Oversized trailer keeper and skirt collar (keeps trailer and skirt in place)
8. Razor sharp black nickel hooks