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    BAA Bowfishing World Championship July 28-29 2007 KY Lake & Barkley

    OUTDOOR PRESS RELEASE (POC Walt Kloeppel, Bowfishing Journal, 270-300-0392)

    Bowfishing Association of America World Championship to be held in Kentucky in 2007

    By Walt Kloeppel, Editor/Bowfishing Journal - member Southeastern Outdoor Press Association

    Kentucky has been chosen as the site for the 2007 Bowfishing Association of America World Championship. The BAA is the largest multi-national bowfishing organization of its kind. Each year states lobby to host the bowfishing competition by submitting a proposed packet on what they can offer in way of location, lodging, restaurants, boat ramps, weigh-in facilities and most of all, rough fish. The states are then voted on by the membership of the BAA. For 2007, the tournament will take place at the Kuttawa Lyon County boat ramp on Lake Barkley on July 28-29.

    The World Championship will bring out-of-state revenue to the hosting state by way of non-resident fishing licenses, gas, food, and lodging. The tournament has averaged 100 teams in the past and officials are gearing up to make Kentucky the biggest turn-out yet due to its central location in the U.S.

    “It’s the Super Bowl of the top bowfishermen in the country,” said Mark Lee, president of the BAA. “We’re excited by what we hear about Kentucky’s rough fish population, especially the big carp species like the bighead and silvers, and the big buffalos too,” said Lee.

    Kentucky BAA member Mike Whelan of Shelbyville wrote the bid for Kentucky. “I’ve bowfished Barkley and Kentucky lakes for years and I knew what they offered for such a big tournament, mainly lots of rough fish and all the shoreline you could ever hope to bowfish on a body of water,” said Whelan. “It will also show that bowfishing is not only fun, but helpful by removing invasive rough fish from our waters.”

    According to Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheies Division Director Benjy Kinman, Asian carp invaded Kentucky waters several years ago and are a major concern for his department. “Presently there is no technology to eliminate these fish; therefore, we are always seeking methods to utilize these species for sport or commercially. This tournament is an excellent use of these fish and an economic benefit to the local area,” said Kinman.

    According to the Archery Trade Show, bowfishing is the fastest growing segment of bowhunting in general. Bowfishing involves a special equipped bow with a reel, line and attached arrow with a harpoon-type head. While bowfishing can take place year around in Kentucky, springtime remains the most popular when rough fish species such as carp, gar and buffalo invade the shorelines and shallow flats to spawn. Many species easily exceed 50 pounds. Kentucky bowfishing records can be viewed at under bowfishing records.

    Participants must be a member of the BAA. More on the tournament can be viewed at or call (270)300-0392 to talk to the Kentucky BAA state representative.

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    Re: BAA Bowfishing World Championship July 28-29 2007 KY Lake & Barkley

    BAA World Championship 2007
    Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake
    When: July 28-29, 2007 Tournament hours: 6pm to 8am. (Central Time Zone.)
    Where: Kuttawa Lyon County Boat Ramp, Lake Barkley, Kentucky

    BAA World Championship Numbers / Big 20 Tournament
    Entry Fee $200 per team[/center]
    Teams to consist of no more than 3 people with one team per boat only.
    Teams will be entered in both divisions under one entry fee.
    Entry fees will be split between both divisions and a champion will be crowned in each.
    Minimum of $1,500 first place prize in both divisions.
    Teams may win or place in both divisions.
    A minimum of 3 places will be paid back in each division.

    An optional $25-per team big fish pot for the largest fish of the Tournament will be collected separately.
    The team bringing in the largest number of carp (common, bighead, silver, grass, etc.) will received a $250 bonus donated by Robert Rice of Carpbusters.
    All BAA tournament rules to be adhered to and strictly enforced.
    All team members must be BAA members.
    Legal shooting waters will consist of Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake only.
    No locking will be allowed during this tournament making the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers below the dams off limits during tournament hours.
    Teams will be limited to a total of 100 shad. No Bream will be allowed.
    “Red Zones” will be in effect inside all Marina areas on these lakes. A 200 yard buffer zone should be strictly adhered to when fishing around all marinas.

    Trailering will be allowed at this tournament to 3 designated ramp sites only:
    1. Kuttawa Lyon County Boat Ramp. (Located at Kuttawa Tournament Head Quarters.)
    2. Fenton Boat Ramp. (Located South of State Hwy. 68 on Kentucky Lake and approximately 40miles from Kuttawa.)
    3. Devils Elbow Ramp. (Located South of State Hwy. 68 on Lake Barkley and approximately 40miles from Kuttawa.)

    Chips are to be handed out to all teams to determine the starting order by order of registration.
    All chips are to be turned in at the end of tournament. Failure to do so, for any reason, will result in disqualification.
    All teams are required to record vehicle license plate number on tournament registration.
    Each vehicle will be marked with a decal upon boat/vehicle inspection to allow tournament directors to identify trailers and license plate numbers at the designated ramps.

    Registration to begin March 1, 2007.
    Online Registration:
    Mail all registrations to BAA Points Chairman: Brady Miller
    2742 50th ST NE
    Buffalo, MN 55313

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