I have put together a list of local tournaments some run by myself, and some run by friends of mine. These are small, fun, but competive tournaments. We are always looking for more participation. I have been a serious tournament fisherman for years fishing from the local ranks to as high as some B.A.S.S. tournaments. Its just sometimes nice to kick back and fish some fun jackpot tournaments with some good people that have a good time. We even fish some of the small trolling motor only lakes just for a change of pace. Our tournaments are run very simply (but strict) and have always gone smoothly. We also have a top notch scale for weigh in, which I myself believe tells how well a tournament is probably going to be run before it even starts. We welcome anyone who wishes to participate. If this sounds like something for you fell free to contact Tom Eason Jr. via email at catch5@insightbb.com or call me @ 502-810-7759. Also if anyone knows of any other local tournaments please let me know so I can spread the word. Below is a list of tournaments that I know of at this time. If these don't interest you, or you would like to see more added please let me know and we may schedule a few more. I can probably definetly get some more going at Patoka Lake if the interest is high enough. Please let me know. Thanks!!

June 24th @ Celina Lake (Hoosier National Forest)
July 14th @ Patoka Lake (Little Patoka Ramp)
July 22nd @ Indian Lake (Hoosier National Forest)
August 5th @ Starve Hollow Lake
August 18th @ Patoka Lake (Little Patoka Ramp)

All Tournaments start @ 6:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.
Please be at ramp 15 minutes prior to start
5 fish limit per boat
Entry fee is $40 per boat on Celina, Indian & Starve Hollow
Entry fee is $50 per boat on Patoka Lake tournaments
Big Bass is included in the entry fee

Any questions give me a call at the above number
Look forward to hearing from you!!!!