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Thread: Tight Steering?

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    Tight Steering?

    I have a Mariner 115 (1989). The steering has become increasing tight over the years. I disconnected the cable from the motor end and the steering was still tight and the rod seems to move freely through the tube when I manually push it. I took apart the box behind the console that the steering wheel connects to and nothing seems wrong there, the gears looks good. So it appears that the cable is bad. Is there anything else I need to check for? Also, if the cable is bad, will I have to order the box with gears behind the console? Any help is appreciated, I am a little confused about which parts I will need, thanks.

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    Re: Tight Steering?

    Most likely the cable will need replaced, I have seen these frozen cables fail so beware.

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    Re: Tight Steering?

    should just be your steering cable, we stock them as do most dealers.

    Matt Plapp
    Plapp's Pro Outdoors

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