Hello everyone good day,

I have been an avid angler since I was about 5 years old. My grandmother use to take me over to Weiss Lake in Alabama and I use to wait till the tournaments poured in and watch these guys with boat loads of fish in amazement. These guys quickly became my heroes and I wanted to be just like them one day! So I did the best I could do at 9 years old, I waited till they left and I caught their bass around the docks that had been released that day or by another previous tournament. "I was hooked for life" after catching these bass on my favorite lure the tiny torpedo! Seeing these bass come up and ingulf this topwater lure was the best thing in the world. Since then I have been fishing with friends all my life. I mainlly fished farm ponds growing up but if someone invited me in a boat they were NEVER turned down because I would drop Anything to get my fix of that elusive Largemouth Lunker. I have since in the last 5 years been fishing lakes since many of my friends have nice boats. This is where the problem comes in. I don't know how to fish lakes and I have become very frustrated with my favorite love over the years. I know I love this sport because no matter how hard it gets or how many times I go out and don't catch a fish I keep coming back! I need someone that wouldn't mind me tagging along and learning more about lake fishing as it is a whole different world of fishing that farm ponds obviouslly. I am not a tournament fisherman I just catch and release because I love it so much. my favorite lakes are Lake Lanier, Lake Sinclair, Lake Weiss, Lake Guntersville. If anyone knows hpow to fish these lakes and wouldn't mind me following you and learning from you sometime I would appreciate it VERY much as I love this sport but am very frustrated and can't go on like this anymore!!!!! Please help Me!!!!! Thanks Guys!

Stuart Jones