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    Question cumberland river boat ramps

    are you able to put a boat in down below the dam or is it to shallow and narrow. i have never ben down below the cumberland dam bet i herd the fishing is good and that you could put a boat in. can anybody help let me know. i am heading down mon.


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    Re: cumberland river boat ramps

    Right now will be tough right below the dam. You really need a generator going to get the water up enough for a successful launch and recovery (depending on your boat, of course). I would put in down around Burkesville. Be very carefull of shallow water on that river, props are $$$!

    There is a good ramp at the dam, and the river is plenty wide. But the launch area is shallow and it is very shallow between the ramp and the dam. If you get your boat in, cross the river and stay on that side while you go downstream to stay in the channel.

    Good luck

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    Re: cumberland river boat ramps

    The ramp at burkesville is probably the best on the river for several reasons, it is in a populated area, and there has been no vechicle damage that I have heard of.The parking is sort of limited, but can usually handle 10 or more boats. The river has two shallow spots close to the ramp, but they can be navigated if you have power trim. But you are limited upstream because of shallow water, about two miles upstream.Down stream you have a couple of miles of easy boating, and some guys with smaller boats can get to the rt 61 bridge. As faras the fishing goes, depends on what you like to do, you can troll or cast or bait fish, a lot of the trout are stocker size, but there are some nice browns and bows.Good luck

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    Re: cumberland river boat ramps

    The two ramps that some use down from the dam are helms and winfreys, but they shallow up pretty quick with no generation and winfrey's is a booger to back has a 90 degree left hand turn. I assume you'll be using an alum. boat...I wouldn't use fiberglass.

    You can go on the dept. of wildlife and get some directions to the ramps.

    Burksville is probably your best bet if you want to travel that far.

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